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09/12/2023 | Perth Art Glass Newsletter


Our new mottle range of art glass is a harmonious composition of colours, reminiscent of a grand orchestral work in four movements. This unique glass captures the essence of movement and rhythm, infusing your creations with a symphony of vibrant hues. With a blend of white opal glass and multiple colours, every sheet is a stunning masterpiece, creating a variegated and multi-coloured effect. The light transmission varies with the composition, allowing you to create mesmerizing pieces that showcase your artistic vision.

Mottle Glass: Crafted specifically for “cold” artistic processes like stained glass and mosaics, our Mottle Glass offers endless creative possibilities. Designed to mimic the enchanting play of sunlight on petals, leaves, grass, or water, these glasses feature exquisite ring mottles that add depth and texture to your artwork.


The mottle glass changes dramatically when backlit. The orange/yellow and green glass is pictured below with natural light on a dark background (left) and backlit by the sun (right).


Due to popular demand, we have managed to squeeze another Leadlight Weekender into our busy workshop schedule.

11 and 12 November 2023

9:30am - 5:00pm

In this two day workshop, students will learn every step of the leadlighting process and walk away with their own leadlight panel and all the skills they need to continue at home.

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