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09/12/2023 | Perth Art Glass Newsletter

Glass Cutting Systems 

If you haven't been introduced to our range of glass cutting systems then you might be working too hard. These systems can save you time and effort by helping with repetitive cuts or being gentle on wrists. There are interconnecting have have a variety of small add-ons to make your life easier.

Beetle Bits Mini

Geometric Cuts

This mini system makes cutting repetitive geometric shapes a breeze. It is great for small spaces and has a simple set-up. Use the attachments to set up your shape and cut the same shape quickly and consistantly.

Waffle Grids
Work Surface

These interconnecting grid are a fantastic work surface for cutting glass on. The small pockets let glass scraps fall away while larger pieces glide easily on the surface. They are easy to clean and connect a variety of tools to.

Cutter's Mate
Gentle on Wrists

Easily score glass while sitting down. Just rest your hand on the handle and steer where you want your score.  Large comfortable,  foam grip handle eliminates strain normally experienced while scoring glass.

Circle Cutter Pro
Perfect Circles

Cutting perfect circles is no problem with the Circle Pro 12. Score circles from 1″ to 12″ with precision and ease. Just position using the clearly marked ruler as shown in the additional image and tighten the thumb nut, then press down on the swivel handle and turn to score.

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Stained Glass Kits

This year we have added two new project kits to our range. These kits contain all the consumable products needed to create a beautiful stained glass panel, including glass, lead and putty.

The dolphin and tulip designs are perfect for beginners with patterns designed to introduce simple cuts and componentry. Beginners can follow along with our staff as they create the panel in our instructional YouTube videos. The gum leaf design, with its more intricate cuts and lead positioning, is great for intermediate leadlighters.

The finished panels are approximately 25cm x 37cm.

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Coming Soon:
Copperfoiling for Beginners - SOLD OUT
25 February

Fused Glass Platter
18 March @ 10:00 am - 12:00 am

Leadlight Weekender - SOLD OUT
25 March 

Glass Mosaics for Beginners
22 April @ 9:30 am - 3:00 pm

Fused Glass Jewellery
29 April @ 10:00 am - 12:00 pm 

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We started the year with a special session family birthday p

In The Workshop

Last year we were asked to replicate a window we produced nearly 20 years ago for a funeral service company.

They loved the original work (fourth photo) so much that when it came time to remodel another site, they decided to include a complementary piece. After some discussions with the architect and owner, a new colour scheme was suggested for the new, larger work.

Unfortunately, there was no natural light source so we commissioned a local company to custom-make the LED light panels that illuminate the glass. This new piece, below left, is 2000mm x 2400mm.

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