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20/04/2024 | Perth Art Glass Newsletter

Oceanside Glass

Brace yourselves because we've just received an huge shipment of glass and frit that has completely transformed our space. So huge that Ian has had to rearrange the shelves. The energy here is palpable, and we couldn't wait to share the news with all of you.


New Colours

Build the way you want

Baroque Blue

Dark Blue/Clear Baroque offers striking eddies of deep transparent blue swirled across a clear base. It is non fusible.
Build the way you want

Powder Pink 

Powder Pink Opal is a whisper soft and delicate colour. It is available in powder, fine, medium and coarse.


Fusible Packs

These new, fusible glass packs of Oceanside are a great way to buy a range of colours at a low price. There are six varieties with 5-6 colours in each pack.


Coming Soon - New Moulds

These large oval moulds will create an ideal focal piece for a conference table, a large sideboard etc. To be even more creative you could create a perfect shield when you use the bottom of the glass as the focal side.

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