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02/07/2022  |  Perth Art Glass Newsletter

With an influx of deliveries this week, our shelves are bursting with all your favourite products!

We have more glass, frit, fusing products, tools and cutting systems. We're also introducing new products below. It's hard to keep warm at the moment but all the shifting and moving has been working for us.

Introducing SilkeMat®

Perth Art Glass is proud to announce that we are now the Australian distributer for the SilkeMat range of products.

SilkeMat is a soft felt, NON-CARCINOGENIC refractory blanket which can be fired in the kiln. SilkeMat can be hand cut, moulded and fired as is, or treated with SilkeMat Rigidizer before firing to rigidise the shape required. Although a high-grade boron nitride separator could be used for art glass firings, it is not necessary There is no “shot” in this product and most firings are clean, leaving only the texture of the fibre on the glass. Post firing a respirator needed to work with SilkeMat.

SilkeMat is perfect to make your own moulds, drop-out shapes, potmelts or vitrigraph mould, and can be fired repeatedly. It is a flexible product that will support your artistic vision.

Perth Art Glass will be selling SilkeMat in 300mm square, 450mm squares and 910mm width by the metre. The rigidiser is available in 500mL, 1L and 3.78L bottles and Clarity (a devitrification solution) in 250mL bottles.

NEW from Oceanside

This month we have increased our range of fusible Oceanside glass.

2MM Fusible offers our special clear, transparent, thin option for jewellery-making and delicate layering in fused projects.

Available in black, white and clear.
Select colours shimmer with mother-of-pearl or rainbow iridescent coating flash-fired onto glass sheets.

Available in black, white, blue and clear.
Two new colours are available, streaks of colour on semi-translucent glass featuring stirred opal in each sheet.

Green/Amber/White Translucent and Pink/White/Clear Wispy.
Back in Stock

Beetle Bits and Cutter's Mate

Our full range of Beetle Bits and Cutter's Mate is back in stock!

The Beetle Bits System is a system of tools for comfortable glass cutting. It aids in scoring angles and straight edges to create basic shapes or strips.

This product was designed with the same principles as the Cutter’s Mate: simplicity, comfort and ease in scoring. The compass dial and rests, resembling beetles, provide ease of cutting from either side of the work surface, or a straight cut perpendicular from the base ruler. You are able to make the same measured cut over and over with ease.

In the Workshop

A set of three windows featuring an all-time favourite, Kookaburras!

Fitted in a private home not far from the studio. The client has lived in the home for more than years and had always intended to fit stained glass in the apertures that are part of their front veranda, overlooking the local park.

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