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02/07/2022  |  Perth Art Glass Newsletter
As we race into the second half of the year busy receiving stock and customers, we also send well-wishes to our friends and customer's in the east. We hope that you are keeping safe and strong in lockdown and that it will not last much longer.
Kristall 1S

New to Perth Art Glass this month is the Kristall 1S, which supersedes the Kristall 1. This new machine comes with more power making it big enough to handle most grinding needs. Easy to set up and use, the Kristall 1S is the perfect entry and studio level machine for stained glass hobbyists.

Key Features

  • Powerful .353 N-m motor makes it the most powerful grinder in its class.
  • Premium double ball-bearing motor construction.
  • Large 235mm x 280mm work surface.
  • Standard 19mm grinding head included.
  • Can be used with most Inland grinder bits including 25mm (1″) if desired.
  • Many optional accessories will also work with the Kristall machines.

New Products

Scope 80W Soldering Iron

We are now stocking the Scope brand of 240Volt, 80 Watt leadlight soldering iron with anti-roll handle and a stainless steel barrel.

The Scope will be included as the budget iron of choice in our Leadlight and Copperfoiling tool kits.

Weller 80W

Great news for anyone waiting... the Weller 80W iron with wide tips are back in stock!

The Weller 80W is a high-performance consumer soldering iron with the latest LED technology, delivering light to the application while working.
New Varieties of Glass Coming Soon

Legacy glass has textural waves and striations, random seeds (air bubbles) and a variety of other natural effects. We are adding four new colours to our range which you can see above.

We will also be adding a vibrant pink streaky glass to our very popular streaky range of Vision glass for stained glass projects and mosaics.

Syriac Orthodox Church

If you follow us on social media, I'm sure you couldn't scroll past this new work by Perth Art Glass.

We recently completed a mosaic Tryptic for the Syriac Orthodox Church in Wattle Grove Perth. Ian, assisted by our talented staff member Claire, came up with some beautiful figure drawings for the mosaic’s subjects, Saint Aphrem, Saint Peter, and the Virgin Mary. The three figures now enhance the East facing wall of the church greeting the new dawn of each day. We decided that a reflective quality would be fantastic as the sun rose and washed across the wall.

Being a mosaic, we decided on opalescent glass for the figures with some detail being painted on the surface of the glass using high fire glass enamels and the background to be mirrored tiles. All the pieces were hand cut including the 25mm square background tiles. Each piece was fired in our kilns to soften the edges so there were no sharp edges remaining. After this, they were silvered (to create a mirror effect) and a protective coating was applied.

Once all the workshop preparation was done the paint was stripped from the preformed concrete wall, some reference points plotted, and the gluing of the pieces began. Ian, Simon and Claire spent four days on the installation of the project.

The project was developed with longevity in mind. Using swimming pool quality adhesives and grouts, protective coatings and high fire enamels ensures this will be in place for many years for the enjoyment of parish members and visitors. After considerable time, planning and effort, the team can now sit back and be proud of this project for decades to come.

Below is the full process video of how we created the project.

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