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12/10/2020  |  Perth Art Glass May Newsletter
New Millefiori Patterns!

Imported from America, our millefiori are handmade with care to add an eye-catching touch of detail to any fusing or mosaic project. These pretty pictures come in bags of 15g, in single patterns or assorted. They are compatible with system 96 glasses.
These top quality millefiori are cut flat for stability when setting up in kiln.

Upcoming Courses!
Woven Textiles

9:30am - 3:30pm
12 June & 19 June

This fused glass technique is a two day course spread over two weeks.

Glass Beadmaking Course

9:30 am - 3:00 pm
8 June

Glass on Glass Mosaics

9:30 am - 3:00 pm
19 June

Back in Stock
Fusing Moulds

Slipcast from a specially formulated clay body, they have an exceptionally smooth surface, will accept kiln wash uniformly and do not crack under repeat usage if handled carefully.
New Vision Legacy Glass!

Unlike common window glass, which is perfectly smooth and flawless, art glass seeks visual character through aesthetic imperfections.
The Vision Legacy range is all handmade and mimics the hand-made sheet glass of centuries past.
Not unlike the original English Muff glass, a popular a Victorian era texture.

Jewels and Rondels

Each jewel is hand pressed into moulds and machine polished for a high gloss finish. Each jewel has a multi-faced top and flat backs. Perfect for lamps, panels and mosaics.
Rondels are created by shaping glass with a footing tool. They are solid in colour and are often a shade darker than their sheet glass counterpart. Formed with a thick edge, they can be easily leaded or copper foiled.
Online Resources

We are actively increasing our range of online resources to help you gain inspiration, refresh your education or learn something new. Our YouTube video's on glass cutting have already been uploaded. Next month these will followed with glass selection and care.

We have also created a dedicated education section on our website with sample projects and glass guides. We love to incorporate ideas from our customers, so if there is

Glass News
Geisha in Green by Jenny Stevens

Through her attention to detail and passion for glass, Jenny Stevens brings the Geisha to life using a mixture of glass tiles and assorted coloured Vision glass.

The panel is all glass and due to the cutting accuracy, only minimal grout was used in very small areas.

It is currently being displayed in Melbourne and available for sale.

Dimensions: 900mm x 610mm

As of April 1, 2021, Jason Wilburn and Annabelle Javier are the new owners of Paul Wissmach Glass Company. Mark Feldmeier, the previous owner, continues to be actively involved in the company throughout the transition. Jason and Annabelle are excited to continue the tradition of a family-owned and operated company providing high-quality, reasonably priced glass.

They opened a business development office and factory glass outlet in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in May.

The Boab Tree

This Boab is a sentimental piece for a family who had spent some time in the North of Australia and are now living in Perth.

The room divider depicting the iconic Boab Tree that was cast in 10mm thick clear glass then toughened to conform to Australian safety standards. We have added highlights of laminated Lamberts True Antique green glass for a few leaves to bring in a touch of colour.

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