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02/07/2022  |  Happy Holidays!
On behalf of all the staff at PERTH ART GLASS we would like to wish you a

Merry Christmas

and we look forward to seeing you in the New Year!

2020 has been like no other year we have experienced before!

We are very grateful that our staff and customers made it through the year remaining happy and healthy.

As a positive, for many, the lockdown presented an opportunity to reconnect with the things we love doing but have always found ourselves too busy for and many rediscovered the joys of working with coloured glass again.

We’d like to give a big shout out to all of you who were patient and understanding with all the supply and transportation issues this crazy year has thrown at us. It was always interesting/frustrating to see our packages travel around the world to far-flung ports and eventually arrive in Perth.

A massive thank you to all of our customers who helped support Perth Art Glass through this challenging time and continue to do so. We wouldn’t be here if you hadn’t and it means the world to us.

With gratitude
Ian and Eva
We will be closing from 12pm on Thursday 24 December 2020
and re-opening at 9am Monday 11 January 2021.
Our online store will continue to operate in the holiday period but there may be slight delays in packing.
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