Christmas opening hours, New Products, Christmas Ideas
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02/07/2022  |  Perth Art Glass Newsletter
The countdown to Christmas is ON!

We will be having our usual Xmas break with our shop closed in Perth for 2 weeks.  The good news is our online store will still be operating and sending out parcels as usual during that time. Important dates for you to take note of

Opening Hours

CLOSED from 5PM Thursday 23rd December
REOPENING 9AM Monday 10 January

Our online store will remain open.

Australia Wide
Parcel Post - 9 December 2021
Express Post - 15 December 2021
Within WA
Parcel Post - 17 December 2021
Express Post - 21 December 2021

For more detailed information on Australia Post shipping dates, see here. If you are shopping online after these dates please call us and we will try to work out the best carrier for your order.

A little note to our awesome glass & mosaic community

Restocking has been extremely challenging this year with major delays at severely congested ports and lack of vessels sailing to Australia. Add to this industrial action in Australian ports which all combine to create the perfect storm of supply chain collapse.  We have been trying our hardest to order early and in bigger quantities however the shipping delays have managed to derail the best laid plans.  We are currently waiting on goods which have been shipped in August which would normally arrive early October but will now not arrive until mid-December. The delays we are experiencing are unprecedented in all our years of business.

A Big Thank you to all our customers for your patience and understanding. We appreciate that on several occasions lack of supply has impacted on you but unfortunately these delays are completely out of our control.  We can only hope for a huge improvement in shipping for 2022, in the meantime we continue to do our best.

New Products

Dichroic Glass

We have just had a shipment of system 96 dichroic glass fill up our shelves. Dichroic glass reflects different colours as you move it and can be used for fusing, flumping, stained glass, copperfoil and mosaics.

As well as filling up our existing our existing stock there are a lot of new patterns and colours to choose from.

Aerosol Mirror Sealant

Specially formulated clear coating to reduce silver deterioration.

Mirror Edge Sealant sprays on clear to seal mirror edges and silvered glass after cutting, seaming or polishing. Edge Sealant protects the edges from turning black which occurs when silver backing is exposed to humidity. The sealant provides long lasting protection against moisture and other harmful conditions.

Ceramic Moulds

Imported from Europe, theses are the finest moulds on the commercial market. These moulds are made from a specially formulated clay body, they have an exceptionally smooth surface, will accept kiln wash uniformly and do not crack under repeat usage if handled carefully.

New styles: Tray, Shallow Rimless Dish and Pizza

Gift Ideas

The easiest way to buy a great gift is to think about how someone spends their spare time. If you enhance that joy then you're on to a winner so here are some great ideas for your glass hobbyist friends.

Left: Art Glass Kits are great for beginners if you want to share you're hobby with someone new.
Below from left: The Grinder for the person who has everything (or a sneaky gift for yourself). A Glass Cutting System is a perfect studio addition to easily cut repetitive shapes.

Gift Vouchers are fabulous for any occasion and our new system means that they will be processed and sent to your or the recipient's inbox immediately or on a date of your choice.
It's not too late to create beautiful gifts and décor for Christmas. Check out the patterns we have online.
In the Studio

A bright and fun geometric window also serves as a kitchen splash back.

This was designed so the client has a view of the distant Darling range whilst blocking out the rooftop of the neighbour’s home. Toughened glass was used on either side of the stained-glass panel creating a sealed triple glazed unit to cope with the heat transfer from the cook top.

At a weight of 50KG, it was a bit of a struggle to lift in place while stretching across the bench but it was worth it when we see it in situ.

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